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July 24, 2012

Customising Sustainability – NOVA Magazine

NOVA Magazine recently published my article,“Customising Sustainability”. NOVA Magazine is touted as Australia’s leading holistic health and lifestyle journal. Since their first issue in March 1994, NOVA Magazine has earned an enviable reputation for their well researched, independent articles and columns, artistic covers and layout and, above all, integrity and credibility.

Click Here to read my article, “Customising Sustainability” on the NOVA website, and Click Here to read the article in the print version of the NOVA Journal.

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July 13, 2012

Jill Buck

Coleman’s book underscores the truth that we can’t mandate, regulate, and legislate our way to a sustainable world. He eloquently describes the moral imperative that we must nourish multigenerational solidarity around preserving the precious natural resources that make up the finite foundation of humankind’s ability to thrive. Through an enthralling series of personal revelations and case studies, Coleman leads us to the understanding that environmental protection isn’t simply something we do . . .it’s who we are, and each individual must decide if they are the kind of person who wastes or replenishes, even when no one is looking. No doubt, Coleman’s children will one day thank him for writing this book, as will the children of all parents who read it and put it into practice.

— Jill Buck
Founder and CEO, Go Green Initiative

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Chandler Van Voorhis

Ultimately, sustainability is about balance and the interconnections of our actions. Mark Coleman’s book provides the framework for an inside-out, bottom-up approach to creating positive change. Starting from the assumption that we are all designers of our future, this book provides the roadmap to a journey that starts within. Get ready for the ride of your life!

— Chandler Van Voorhis
Managing Partner of C2I, LLC, Managing Partner of GreenTrees, and 2002 Recipient of the ChevronTexaco Conservation Award

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Robert Franzblau

After reading this book, Mark Coleman will have you motivated to change some habits and look at life on this planet from a very different perspective.

— Robert Franzblau
Master Scheduler, Supply Logistics, Roche Molecular Systems

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Dr. Carole Inge

A transformational read for those concerned about the fate of this and future generations. Mark Coleman provides a unique perspective on the trade-offs this generation has to wrestle with if we are to balance the needs and opportunities in our economy, environment, and energy futures. The time is now for “clean” energy and this book is a primer to understanding the issues we face with dwindling natural resources and how this issue of personal responsibility will shape the future of clean energy development.

— Dr. Carole Inge
President and Chief Executive Officer,
National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy

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Paul A DeCotis

Mark Coleman has a unique way of explaining and showing us that we must accept personal responsibility for creating the sustainable future we all desire. It does not need authoritative top-down government or corporate leadership. It is organic and very personal—starting with little actions taken by millions of people and beginning with each of us accepting our part. Mark’s work is clear, concise, and irrefutable. The responsibility rests with us. Mark’s passion, wit, and charm show through in his work and make the argument even more compelling. Generations to come will look upon Mark’s work as provocative and liberating, showing us the way.

— Paul A. DeCotis
Vice President of Power Markets,
Long Island PowerAuthority

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Derrick Mains

I have an old friend that tells me he doesn’t mind change as long as it doesn’t happen to him. He would hate Mark Coleman. Not only does The Sustainability Generation accurately depict the underpinnings of the global tsunami which is sustainability, the book challenges to reader to grab a surf board and ride the wave—another thing that would terrify my friend.

— Derrick Mains
Recycling, software, and sustainability entrepreneur

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Bob Bechtold

In a time when so many are describing lofty thoughts and very green what-ifs, Mark Coleman has produced an informative tool with depth and supporting backup, that could benefit anyone who is really serious about making a difference.

— Bob Bechtold
Founder and President, Harbec, Inc.

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Richard Walker

The maturation of the concepts surrounding sustainability has been like watching the growth of the Internet . . . only faster. The most fascinating aspect of this transformation has been that business has led the charge. Business is adopting concepts and principles faster than individuals and pushing the boundaries in all directions at once. Mark Coleman not only consolidates and categorizes these learnings, but captures the soul of sustainability—finding personal responsibility in a global context. He contributes a HUGE needed piece of the puzzle that ties the concepts together to suggest that a “never satisfied” humankind and sustainability can happily coexist.

—Richard Walker
Program Leader – High Performance Buildings, Trane Commercial Services Global Services and Contracting

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Barton Alexander

Sustainability is often put forward as the responsibility of governments, companies, and activists. Mark Coleman brings this complex field to a personal level: how can each of us bring our values and our dreams to the decisions we make every day? Just as Mark’s life felt transformed as he gazed at his newborn child, each of us is challenged to open our eyes to the interconnected web that binds us to the generations before and after our brief lives.

— Barton Alexander
Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Molson Coors Brewing Company

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