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September 18, 2012

Huffington Post Blog – New Leadership for a Sustainability Generation? by Gregory Unruh

Thank you to Greg Unruh for writing such a succinct and articulate summary of “The Sustainability Generation” in his blog New Leadership for a Sustainability Generation? for the Huffington Post.

Greg’s blog summarizes the essence of “The Sustainability Generation” when he states, “Coleman claims social uprisings around the world, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street Movement, illustrate a growing public sense that old solutions are not working today. While society can’t yet articulate the reasons, Coleman sees today’s simultaneous economic, environmental and political crises deriving from a single root cause: unsustainable behavior manifested in a sense of entitlement and a disconnection between our choices and their systemic impacts. Perhaps the sustainability generation’s biggest challenge is that it requires a new type of leader. Coleman’s ideal is a systems thinker comfortable with ambiguity — someone who sees problem solving as a process of constant learning and knowledge sharing with humility, honesty and compassion for others. Perhaps most difficult is a belief in personal accountability for self and others, a character trait Coleman finds lacking in today’s “blame the other side” political discourse.”

I’m honored by Greg’s blog, not just for his accuracy on what the book is about, but because he exemplifies the type of leader influencing The Sustainability Generation. Gregory C. Unruh, Ph.D., is the professor of global business and director of the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Greg is an expert on the role of technological innovation in addressing the challenges of global sustainability. Greg has been a regular and longtime contributor to the Huffington Post.

For more information about Greg Unruh available from Huffington Post Click Here, and also see more about his impressive career and biography available fro Thunderbird School of Global Management.


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