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catalystaCheck out Mark Coleman’s “Trailblazer” interview with Catalysta. Catalysta inspires and provides practical assistance to anyone who wishes to pursue a career that’s a catalyst for the common good.

In the interview Mark states, “Very simply my book’s intended message is that “you, me, and WE” represent the Sustainability Generation. We are experiencing a global awakening that transcends old and young, rich and poor, Democrat or Republican, that the world has limits and being mindful and respectful of those limits is part of being human. We are the generation that has to, for the sake of our freedom and the future of our children, have to come together to make pragmatic choices about the most pressing issues of our time: human health, natural resource depletion, the security and resiliency of food systems, addressing the root causes of terrorism, global poverty, ecologic damages, and other economic, social, energy, and environmental challenges. The accountability of everyday citizens and consumers is key to addressing change and taking action toward a sustainable future.”

Catalysta considers the workplace a lab with the potential to take on today’s environmental and manmade challenges. Their website presents pioneers whose livelihoods are a conduit to a better world. Catalysta introduces professionals from all fields whose commitment to the community is fundamental and inspires individuals to make this approach their own.

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