Sustainability Happens When People and Innovation Collide – ThomasNet “Manufacturing Sustainability” Series

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“People are the common denominator to a more (or less) sustainable world. Without the passion, power, commitment, and accountability of people the equation for sustainability simply will not add up. People are the glue, the continuity between machines and products, policies and programs, performance and results. People embody business culture and enable the organizations to work as an ecosystem of interrelated requirements. If the ecosystem is not in balance the organization suffers.”

Except from Mark Coleman’s article:
“Sustainability Happens When People and Innovation Collide”
Featured exclusively for ThomasNet: September 26, 2013
ThomasNet Industry Market Trends


Mark Coleman invites you to check out his three-part “Manufacturing Sustainability series available exclusively from ThomasNet:


Part 1, Sustainable Manufacturing is Shaping America’s Industrial Future

Part 2, Using Operational Excellence to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Part 3, Sustainability Happens When People and Innovation Collide

The series focuses on the market drivers shaping the future of manufacturing, how small manufacturers have created lasting value from their investment in sustainability at an operational level, and how organizations can maximize their impact and return-on-sustainability by investing in, and integrating, people and innovation.


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